July 7, 2023

Vade Partners with Park Omaha to Revolutionize Curb Management with Smart Loading Zones

Emily Kian

Chief of Staff
Omaha, NE – June 29, 2023 – Vade, the leading provider of curb management solutions, announced a partnership with Park Omaha to support their Smart Loading Zone pilot program. Omaha, like most cities, has seen a rapid increase in delivery vehicle traffic, and competition for space is nearing a breaking point.

“Typically, the curb in the past has always been for parking; it’s no longer just parking anymore,” said Ken Smith, City of Omaha Parking and Mobility manager. “We have to get ride-share services like Uber, Lyft and our delivery services like Amazon, FedEx, UPS -- we need to get them up to the curb so they’re not blocking the street.”  

Park Omaha is building a strategy to enhance their loading zones through the use of cutting-edge technologies like computer vision. Vade will provide wireless camera hardware and analytical outputs to evaluate effectiveness of sensor technology within their Smart Loading Zones. The overarching goals of the Smart Loading Zone Pilot are to increase parking turnover, boost curbside pick-up efficiency and reduce curb congestion, all while improving safety around the loading and unloading experience for everyone. The pilot program is expected to begin in the late summer of 2023.  

"We are thrilled to partner with the City of Omaha on their Smart Loading Zone pilot program,” said Vade CEO & Co-founder, Matty Schaefer. “At Vade, our mission is to help cities build digital infrastructure at the curb, and this collaboration allows us to make a tangible impact on the growing challenge of curb congestion. Together, we are shaping the future of urban mobility and revolutionizing the way cities manage their curbs. We look forward to a successful pilot and the positive changes it will bring to Omaha and beyond."

Founded in 2018, Vade helps cities manage the curb by measuring when, where, and why it’s used. Utilizing computer vision and proprietary wireless cameras, Vade untangles the most crucial asset of the city, the curb.  Vade’s suite of curb solutions includes digital mapping, utilization studies, demand pricing, real-time wayfinding, and automated violation alerts.

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