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We've generated real-time curb data and analytics for cities across the United States. Learn more about our expertise below.

Raleigh, NC

Analyzed commercial and parking activity at temporary curbside pickup / drop-off areas, commercial loading zones, and on-street parking spaces to visualize demand on customized dashboard.

Florida Department of Transportation

Deployed cameras across highway rest areas to monitor real-time availability for truck parking spaces and help truck drivers spend less time searching for parking and avoid having to drive tired or park in an unsafe location.

Sarasota, FL

Analyzed commercial activity across alleys, curbsides, and on-street parking spaces downtown for a study by Walker Consultants. Generated millions of data points showing utilization to help inform future plans and policies.
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Discussion and sharing ideas are essential for creating and furthering new ideas andsolutions. We attend and speak at conferences - see our talks to learn more on Vade's ideas for the future.

Trusted by leaders in urban transportation

Transparency and quality are the basis of our work, and we've helped cities and vendors across the United States. Vade has been commended and recognized by parking industry experts - see their testimonials below.

San Francisco

Municipal Transportation Agency

Curb management can help ensure that curb space is allocated more equitably, providing access to this limited resource to all street users, including our most vulnerable.”

Matthew Currier

Parking Manager,
City of Raleigh

The ability to tactically deploy without having to modify any infrastructure makes VADE a flexible tool to better understand loading zone behavior.”

San Francisco

Municipal Transportation Agency

“With rational and cohesive curb management and allocating curb space proactively, we increase the likelihood that vehicles are able to load and unload safely, minimizing unsafe behaviors like double-parking and blocking bicycle lanes.”

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