The new age of curb data

Proprietary wireless cameras, computer vision, and data analytics come together to bring you total insight into your curbs. Our technology makes it easy to get real-time curb data anywhere.

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Connecting the curb with wireless infrastructure

Vade provides a full-service solution for generating real-time curb data. We manage everything from installing cameras to customizing dashboards, so cities can focus on driving outcomes with accurate data, relevant analytics, and robust integrations with existing systems.

Fully wireless cameras

Our proprietary cameras use solar power and LTE, work anywhere, and take under 15 minutes to install on poles.

Computer vision

Fast and accurate computer vision processing analyzes parking activity by detecting vehicles, parking occupancy, and vehicle details.

One powerful API

Use our real-time API to integrate and improve existing systems like parking apps, billing and enforcement, and aggregated analytics.

Comprehensive analytics

Use our customizable dashboard to track key metrics like peak occupancy, turnover, dwell times, safety violations, and much more.


We help cities implement flexible solutions for allocating curb space, managing rules and rates, and automating billing and enforcement.
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Flexible solutions for
all cities

01 /   Real-time availability

Show your citizens real-time availability with integrations for parking apps, online maps, and digital signage.
Help citizens find available parking nearby and reduce search times, traffic congestion, and vehicle emissions.
Give commercial fleets real-time data to eliminate uncertainty and optimize routes more efficiently than ever.

02 /   Demand analysis

Understand demand by measuring when loading zones are used, what types of vehicles, and how long they park.
Leverage our computer vision to estimate the type of curb usage based on vehicle types and dwell times.
Identify public safety violations like double parking and blocked bike lanes to calculate your true capture rate.

03 /   Curb management

Automate billing for commercial vehicles and charge by the minute with real-time stay tracking.
Improve public safety by automatically detecting violations, alerting nearby officers, and charging fleet accounts.
Manage curb space with dynamic rules and rates that adapt to serve different use cases based on real-time demand.

Trusted by leaders in urban transportation

Transparency and quality are the basis of our work, and we've helped cities and vendors across the United States.
About our clients

San Francisco

Municipal Transportation Agency

Curb management can help ensure that curb space is allocated more equitably, providing access to this limited resource to all street users, including our most vulnerable.”

Matthew Currier

Parking Manager,
City of Raleigh

The ability to tactically deploy without having to modify any infrastructure makes VADE a flexible tool to better understand loading zone behavior.”

San Francisco

Municipal Transportation Agency

With rational and cohesive curb management and allocating curb space proactively, we increase the likelihood that vehicles are able to load and unload safely, minimizing unsafe behaviors like doubleparking and blocking bicycle lanes.”

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We've collected answers to the questions we hear most often

1. Where can a VADE camera be installed?

Our hardware can be installed anywhere from poles to buildings. We prefer to install the cameras on poles that are aligned with the parking spots.

2. How many spots can be covered using the VADE camera?

Depends on the placement. If a camera is covering on-street spots, a single camera will work for 5-10 spots. If a camera is covering a surface lot, one camera works for anywhere from 15-30 spots. The spot coverage depends on how high the camera is on the pole and any interfering objects in the field of view, for example, trees.

3. How much does a VADE camera cost?

We like to keep it simple and straightforward. Our real-time data solution is billed annually and all costs are included in a subscription model. Contact us for pricing!

4. Can VADE work with existing cameras/CCTVs?

Yes. Our computer vision model and software are able to integrate with CCTV cameras and collect occupancy data. We'll integrate our technology with your systems for $50 per camera per month.

5. How do deployment and maintenance work?

We take care of the full process, from camera coverage maps to deploying the cameras. If a camera ever goes down or stops working, we'll replace it free of charge within 48 hours.

6. How can the curb data be used?

The data derived from curb images can be used to help with real-time way-finding for citizens, loading zone management, enforcement, urban planning decisions, and much more.

Let's measure what's happening at your curbs

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