Efficient curb use for everyone

In 2019, congestion added an extra 8.7 billion travel hours and 3.5 billion gallons of fuel according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Vade generates real-time parking availability data that’s accurate and easily integrated into parking apps and web maps.

Show citizens and fleets where to find available parking to help shrink cruising times and reduce urban congestion.

On our way to a cleaner future

Urban congestion doesn't just waste drivers' time and money - it also wastes fuel and creates emissions. In 2016, USA citizens purchased an extra 3.3 billion gallons of fuel because of time that was spent in traffic.

By collecting and analyzing real-time curb data, Vade can help cities and drivers increase overall efficiency and cut down on emissions.

Our API works with existing apps, dashboards, and management systems to drive outcomes without overhauling operations.

Unlocking safer streets

In the past decade, the types and quantities of commercial drivers has seen rapid growth, leading to increased competition for limited curb space. Delivery fleets receive 2.5M tickets each year in NYC alone.

Vade provides a robust solution with optional customizations to detect specific vehicle details, read license plates, validate permits, and more.

Automatically detect public safety violations and issue citations-by-mail or alert a nearby officer to encourage changes in driver behavior.

Let's measure what's happening at your curbs

Connect with Vade and start collecting real‑time data on your curb.

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